Duct Cleaning Services

- HVAC Robotic Duct Cleaning

For HVAC Duct Cleaning, we have specialised Robots to Inspect and Clean the ducts. Our Robots have the ability to reach the nook and corners of the ducts that are hard to clean manually. We can record the cleaning process and we provide Videos of before and after cleaning to the clients.

- Kitchen Duct Cleaning

For Kitchen Duct Cleaning, we have a specialised chemical which are eco-friendly and food grade for safety reasons. These chemicals are tough on oil and grease, which makes it easier for our teams to work effortlessly and get the best results possible.

T&T Solutions & Services
T&T Solutions & Services

- Laundry Duct Cleaning

For Laundry Ducts, our teams are trained to work inside confined spaces like interior of the ducts. Since the laundry ducts are lined with a layer of lint, it is very essential to work with caution as it can be a potential fire hazard.

T&T Solutions & Services